Kappris is a Windows utility to manage document printing in organisations having complex but standardised requirements and controls for the documents they produce.

It overcomes one common problem of Windows applications, which can only print one style at a time. For example if an organisation issues reports to clients (say) with the following print requirements:

  • Client copy – first page on letterhead, subsequent pages on continuation sheets (all single sided)
  • Consultant copy – printed on standard copier paper duplex
  • Second file copy – booklet printed on yellow paper
  • Soft copy – ‘.pdf’ version exported to document management system

Kappris can produce all this output with just one click on an option list that appears at Print time. Without Kappris this would be a laborious and error prone process involving separately ordering and specifying separately each print job as well as knowing which paper trays contained which type of paper.

Kappris has been developed by Kutana Software Development. Kutana has been providing software services to the legal profession for the past ten years and Kappris was developed to meet a real need in legal firms. However, Kappris will benefit other professional firms and, indeed, any organisation with complex printing requirements.